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The TRAPEZE Privacy Dashboard

Published by Comments Off on The TRAPEZE Privacy Dashboard <p>The TRAPEZE platform provides various security and privacy features. The Privacy Dashboard serves citizens as a gateway to the TRAPEZE […]</p>

Metadata, Policy and Reasoning

Published by Comments Off on Metadata, Policy and Reasoning <p>Piero Bonatti from Università di Napoli Federico II, presenting “Metadata, Policy and Reasoning” in the frame of the TRAPEZE project. […]</p>

Three pilot demonstrators

Published by Comments Off on Three pilot demonstrators <p>One of the main goals of the TRAPEZE project is to provide system prototype demonstration. In other words, we are […]</p>

TRAPEZE leaflet

Published by Comments Off on TRAPEZE leaflet <p>The TRAPEZE project in a nutshell. In pdf for download, printing and distribution. Available in English and in French</p>