TRAPEZE poster for download (v. July 2022)
TRAPEZE leaflet v. April 2022

Martin Kurze, “Privacy Policies and Tools Empowering Citizens and Society”, International Conference on Internet Technologies and Society, 24-25 July 2023, Melbourne, Australia.

Martin Kurze, panelist and speaker, presenting TRAPEZE at the “Coinfest Asia”, 22-23 August, 2023, Bali, Indonesia.

Martin Kurze, panelist and speaker, presenting TRAPEZE at the “Coinfest Asia”, August 22nd – 27th, Bali, Indonesia
Martin Kurze presenting TRAPEZE at Coinfest Asia.

P. A. Bonatti: Using DPVCG’s outcome in TRAPEZE’s compliance framework.
Invited presentation at the periodic meeting of W3C’s Data Privacy Vocabularies and Controls Community Group (DPVCG) on 15/9/2021

Piero Bonatti: Real-time reasoning in OWL2 for GDPR compliance.
IJCAI 2021 – journal track.  Aug 25 and 26, 2021.
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M. Popovic, N. Tomasevic: A blockchain-based platform for keeping logs of citizens’ consents, LAMBDA 2021 PhD Workshop, June 2021

Piero Bonatti from Università di Napoli Federico II, presenting “Metadata, Policy and Reasoning” in the frame of the TRAPEZE project. The presentation was recorded during the Workshop on Metadata Interoperability on 27 May 2021 as part of the European Big Data Value Data Week.

TRAPEZE project presentation at roundtables organized by EC CNECT:
“ICT Verticals and Horizontals for Blockchain Standardisation”, 13 January 2021
“Extension of ICT Verticals and horizontals for Blockchain Standardisation / Smart-Contracts”, 21 April 2021 | Blogpost